Big Willie Ent. is not a traditional record and song based company.  We place empahisis on utilizing the world wide web as our medium in reaching the masses.  

Our objective is to embrace the global music markets through the internet to intertwine with different cultures, to  expand markets and continue to increase profitability

Our music division does not view business through the lens of cd's and radio, but as one that creates different forms of content for an array of digital music services and products. Not solely for the purpose of making a cd, but also for online and mobile content that can translate into may different products.

Hip-hops tentacles are reaching into movies, advertisements, video games and cell phone ringtones while sparking new industries.   We're utilizing eveything advanced technology has to offer in capturing these growing markets.


Featured Artist Chuck Split


Chuck Split hails from Tuscaloosa Alabama, hes been raping since 14, years old. He was highly influenced by Scarface, UGK, & the Rapalot roster.

Chuck recently entered and  beat all his competitors @ The Cox media 97.3 jams Birmingham Alabama Voice  of Tuscaloosa 105.1 jams Big Bux  Radio competition. Sponsored by Pepsi Cola.

Gaining the Title VOICE OF TUSCALOOSA, Chucks Big Willie Ent. Released single off his upcoming album Grind, is currently building momentum in the DJ record Pools & the southern circuit.

Grind, depicts the every day struggle of working hard trying to make it out of the ghetto.

Grind is curently available  on Tidal, Itunes and all online music outlets go to music tab to purchase .